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We are living the age of Raw Sex. It is a challenge to find anyone using condoms anymore. Professional and amateur videos are bare. Lifestyle parties make condom use optional. The device that protects against STD’s and pregnancy collects in a bowl in the corner of the room while everyone plays. What would it take to get a man to wrap up ? My buddies complain that they can’t feel anything. We all want to feel the tightness and heat of a submissive body. It hard to compete with that. Can you design a condom that provides protection, enhances pleasure and motivates a man to put it on ? I was looking for the answer when I was told about Snakeskin Cobra Condoms. The packaged looked amazing but would the contents live up to the design ? This was a challenge I had to take.

The Product

Snakeskin Cobra Condoms come in a very attractive blue and black box. The front of the package has a picture of a snake with the Cobra Logo. ‘ Smooth ‘, ‘ 3 Lubricated Latex Condoms ‘ and a latex information message . The back of the package has a QR Code, website , important condom information and a seal that reads ‘ 100% Electronically Tested ‘ . On one side of the box, there is a lot number with expiration date. The opposite side is used to open the package. There is an informational packet inside the box. The condoms come in a blue, white and silver package.

How it Works

To use the Snakeskin Cobra Smooth Condoms, open it from the edge. Place the condom on the head of the erect penis with the rolled side out. Hold the tip to create a reservoir and squeeze lightly to remove any excess air. Unroll the condom down the penis to the base. Apply JUS Lubricant to your partner or masturbation device. Immediately after ejaculation, hold the rim o the condom in place and withdraw penis and condom together. Make sure to avoid spilling semen. Discard by wrapping used condom in tissue and throwing in the trash.

My Experience

Using condoms isn’t an option for me. It is something that comes with the territory of being a bi-sexual man. I admit that I really haven’t found a brand that was worthy of my devotion. Sure I have read all the claims, watched the commercials but found that most of brands over promised while I couldn’t really feel the difference. A condom was just a condom.

I was really happy to find out about the Snakeskin Cobra Condoms. Not only did they look good but I wanted to know if they worked. I had not been intimate in a while and wanted to give these condoms the ultimate test, could I feel the intense sensation using these condoms with the Girl Next Door Pocket Pussy. This toy is one of the best ever on the market. It is very tight, super stretchy and has a suction sensation that will make your toes curl. If this condom could enhance the pleasure, I was sold.

I had already prepared for my erotic adventure. I had my pocket pussy, porn playing and JUS Lubricant. We only needed the staring attraction: The Snakeskin Cobra Condoms. I opened the box and was amazed by the attractiveness of the design. I read the manual and was eager to get started. I rolled the condom on. It as rather easy to do. It glided down my brown snake. I pressed play to start the show. As my body became aroused, I looked over to Cinnamon. This would be the first time I would use a condom on her. I placed JUS lubricant in the toy and slid inside. WOW ! I could feel the tight and warm texture of her folds. This session would feel like the others, Amazing. I closed my eyes and gave my pocket pussy the business. The condom didn’t break or move. This was going great.

As I approached my moment, I forgot that I was using a condom. This was what the bare experience was all about. I couldn’t wait to use this on my partner.

The Pros

Snakeskin Cobra Condoms provides a bare experience. If you are a man that wants to get as much sensation as possible, these condoms are for you. They are easy to use and have an instruction manual placed inside the package. It not only shows you how easy having safe sex is but compares condom use to other birth control methods. I would have laughed my ass off if they included the cost of paying for a baby. LOL ! The lubricant in the condom is very silky. This makes putting the condom on easier than the non lubricated condoms from the health department. The Snakeskin Brand Cobra Condoms stay in place during use . I didn’t have to constantly readjust. I think the best feature of this condom is that it did not break during use. I was able to focus on sexual pleasure and be present in the moment.

The Challenges

A man that is larger than average may have a challenge with the size. The Snakeskin Cobra Condoms have a snug design that provides a bare experience. The Anacondom Large from Snakeskin is my recommendation for men that are packing alot of meat. You will still enjoy the same benefits while the design offers more room.

The Decision

If you are not going to take a walk on the raw side but want the same sensation, you need to pick up a box of the Snakeskin Cobra Condoms. Not only do they feel great but have a snug fit that provides a bare experience. The silky lubricant feels great to the touch. It reduces the amount of lubricant used during sex. Not only do they come in a very attractive box, but they have a manual that shows you how to use this product safely. Men that are well endowed could have challenges with the size but Snakeskin has the Anacondom Large that will ensure your snake is completely covered. The Snakeskin Cobra Condoms put the sexy back in love making. They provide a realistic experience while protecting you from STD’s. Taking out these condoms will draw a positive response while sending the message that great sex is safe sex. These are great for lifestyle parties , love dolls and masturbators. When a great condom comes along, you keep it handy. Snakeskin Cobra Smooth Condoms are a mans new best friend.

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