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There is a new cold war. It is not being fought between nations. It is happening in the bedroom. Sex Toy companies have competed to provide the best masturbation experience a man could have. We have seen a variety of materials, designs and claims placed on many toys. Unfortunately, few have lived up to the hype. The Head Honcho by Calexotics is at the top of the hill. This masturbation device offered a life like feel with a sucking sensation that drove men wild. But could this toy be made better ? Was there a need to rework a classic ? There are many Sexperts that would argue against it. The Power Stroker by Dr. Joel Kaplan takes on the challenge within this design class and offers well endowed men the same pleasure as The Original. With a larger chamber and more textures, the Power Stroker wants every man to experience pleasure on a more intense level. Could this toy deliver or would we end up wishing there wasn’t a sequel ? With the need to masturbate dominating my thoughts, I decided to try it out. To the winner would go my loyalty. Knowing the Dr Joel Kaplan line met high standards, I made a date with myself.

The Product

The Power Stroker comes in a medium size blue box. The packaging has a picture of the product , Dr. Joel Kaplan and the words ‘ Extra Long Soft, Stretchy Mastubator ‘ on the front. The back of the box lists the features in 5 languages with the product registration website. The side of the box has a picture of the Power Stroker with a diagram with arrows that highlight the chambers and length. The opposite side has a picture of the top of the Power Stroker and copyright information. The Dr Joel Kaplan Power Stroker is 6 inches long and is made from a material that has a jelly like consistency. It is clear in color which appeals to voyeurs. Unlike the Head Honcho, there is a small opening at the bottom of the toy.

How it Works

To use the Power Stroker, It is best to first clean off the toy with cleaner or soft soap. Dry it with a towel. Choose a water based lubricant. JUS Premium Pure Water Lubricant was used for this review. Be sure to place lubricant an ample amount in the stroker to ensure a smooth glide. Place more lubricant on your penis. Slowly slide your erect penis into the stroker. Enjoy using your favorite masturbation technique. Once done, rinse out the stroker. I suggest placing the toy back in the plastic bag in the box for optimal storage. To ensure freshness, a small amount of corn starch on the Power Stroker if it is being stored with other masturbation products.

My Experience

There was no denying that I knew about the success of the Head Honcho. It was a sex toy that was heralded by men across the globe. When I saw the announcement for the Power Stroker by Dr. Joel Kaplan, I began to scratch my head. Was Calexotics just taking one product and just giving it a new package. Let’s be honest, there are four different versions of the top selling product. I just needed to know if I would get a great experience. Willing to reserve my judgement, I opened the box and prepared for a great time .

The Power Stroker has a soft and plush feel. It is made from a material that feels like jelly. Squeezing the toy gave me a very comforting sensation. The toy is clear which makes the texture visible from the outside. There are alternating rings and nubs. It was time to get it on.

I wanted this session to have a little heat. Soaking the Power Stroker in warm water did the trick. I opened a bottle of my Premium Pure Water Lubricant JUS. I placed a generous amount in the six inch cylinder. Once the chamber was completely slick, I applied more JUS to myself. There were no grips on the outside of the stroker so I wiped my hands and held on as I slowly entered the Power Stroker. The opening of the stroker felt life like. I closed my eyes as I pushed further into the abyss of pleasure. With each gradual movement, shockwaves were sent through my body as I feel each texture do its job on me. This was intense.

I looked down as I began to jack off to see my member forge deeper into the canal of ecstasy. Each stroke beckoned me to close my eyes but the sight forced me to watch. I was being pleasured and enveloped. The heat from the warm stroker and silkiness of JUS Lubricant created an erotic recipe of mastubatory pleasure. As soon as you get used to one sensation, another welcomes you.

My session had only been going five minutes but I was about to erupt. The life force power began to surge from my body and makes it way to its destination. There was nothing I could do but brace for impact. I placed my finger on top of the opening at the bottom of the toy. It felt like oral sex ! I had to stroke faster. In a cataclysmic moment, I felt my energy fill the Power Stroker. Legs shaking …voice grumbling … eyes twitching. This was the definition of sexual electricity. I laid back on the bed to recharge.


The Power Stroker by Dr Joel Kaplan is a great toy for masturbation. The material is very soft to the touch providing a sensual experience. The inner texture provides a variety of sensations that will keep you aroused during play. The Power Stroker does take sex lubricant very well. It is great when you want a long erotic session. The clear design is a welcome treat for men that love to see themselves being pleasured. The inner chamber has a texture that is long enough to provide stimulation on your entire penis. This increases the sensation and brings you to orgasm faster. The Power Stroker is very easy to clean. By using a variety of different masturbation techniques, you will be able to create a new experience each time. The stroker will make a great travel companion.


The Power Stroker can be a challenge to hold if your hands are wet. There are no score marks on the outside of the toy to provide a grip. Wrapping the toy with a small cloth can counteract this drawback. This toy is made for men that are average to large. The open end at the bottom of the masturbation prohibits one from having a very intense sucking sensation. Placing your finger at the bottom of the hole is a quick fix. The Travel Head Honcho is a perfect fit for a smaller penis. A sample of lubricant and Club Calexotics website would be a great addition to the package. There are no instructions for use inside the box. It is assumed that the customer will know how to use the toy.

The Decision

The Power Stroker by Dr. Joel Kaplan is a welcome addition to the Calexotics Head Honcho design class of masturbators. It is very easy to use and feels great. Using a generous amount of premium water based lubricant will provide intense orgasms due to its specialized inner texture. This toy is great for men who are well endowed. It stretches to accomodate. The Power Stroker is very easy to clean. You simply rinse , dry and store in the box. While the similarities to other products is obvious, the Power Stroker offers its own experience. A sample of lubricant and instructions should be placed in the box. One can never assume the store clerk or user has experience with pleasure products. Men looking for a realistic sucking sensation that feels real can get their fun and more with the Power Stroker. Be sure to use your finger to close the hole at the bottom. It’s perfect for travel and won’t arouse suspicion if its seen by others. If you want to add some power to his orgasm, then the Power Stroker is the product for you.

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