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Anal sex is more popular than ever. With thousands discovering how pleasurable the region is, more are wanting to experience every sensation possible. The sex toy industry has answered the call with an endless supply of devices to stimulate the region. Dildos and prostate massagers dominate the gay market. It is easy to see why. These devices can offer vibrations, sensations and a host of other life like qualities. On the other hand, butt plugs have not been that popular. These devices seem to have a cult like following among men that are very experienced with back door action. Looking to give these men a new thrill must have been the inspiration behind the COLT Big Boy Butt Plug by Calexotics. It promises to fill you up while giving comfort. Knowing my booty would not live up to the challenge, I called my buddy who hasn’t seen an anal device that he’d refuse. This sex toy test would take me into places I had not gone before.

The Product

The COLT Big Boy comes in an attractive minimalist plastic case. The product is visible with ‘ Pure Silicone ‘, ‘ Body Safe ‘, ‘ 100% Silicone ‘, ‘ Sturdy Base ‘ and the Calexotics logo on the front. The back of the package has ‘ Smooth and Seamless ‘, ‘ Hygienically Superior Silicone ‘, and ‘ Body Safe 100 % Silicone ‘ and registration information. This information is given in five languages. The anal plug is sturdy and measures 3.25 inches x 2.25 inches.

How it Works

To begin anal exploration with the COLT Big Boy, it is best to use an anal douche to remove any debris. After irrigation, you are now ready to use the toy. Be sure to wash your toy with soft soap and dry it off completely. Choose a premium water based lubricant. I suggest Tiger Lubricant to apply a generous amount to the entire toy. Be sure to place lubricant on your anal region to ease insertion. Slowly insert the tip of the anal plug into your body. Wait a few moments until your body adjusts. There may be a feeling of pressure due to the size of the toy. Slide a few inches and relax until you have the entire toy inside. You can continue play or go about your day with this unique sensation.

My Experience

I am not a power bottom. You will not find me signing up to get the pounding of my life in the back door. I do have a fetish for seeing those who can insert very large objects into their body. It turns me on in ways that I really can’t explain. When I opened the box from Calexotics and saw the COLT Big Boy, I knew that I would have to call a friend who would stop everything to try this one out. Luckily, he was in the mood for something different.

Upon opening the package, it was really shocking how thick this anal plug was. It has a diamond shape that looks like the ace in a deck of playing cards. The material is very sturdy yet has a softness to it which allows it some room to move with your body. My buddy didn’t waste any time in grabbing a bottle of  Tiger Lubricant. He took my lube shooter out of the closet and apply a generous amount inside his body. The silky formula would give him a long lasting glide that would make our session that much hotter.  I cleaned the COLT Big Boy and gave it several coatings of lubricant.

With an erotic film playing and him on his back, I started foreplay in order to get him in the mood. This wasn’t going to be a sprint but a marathon. I needed his body to relax and become receptive. Eventually he was ready to be initiated. I grabbed the base of the COLT Big Boy and teased his body with the tip. He took a deep breath and I slowly inserted a few inches in. I held it there while using my other hand to stimulate him. As he moved his body, I pushed further watching his body stretch to accommodate the butt plug. It was an amazing sight to behold. We were getting close to the widest part and I shook my head as his body began to swallowed the toy. He was close to orgasm.

I pushed it all the way in and coached him through tantric breathing exercises to make the moment more erotic. He closed his eyes and felt the stretch. It was the divine combination of pleasure and pain. He moaned in delight. Wanting to see him reach happiness, I placed the D.I.Y Pocket Pal on his erect penis and began to stroke him while the COLT Big Boy sent shockwaves through his body. With no warning, he released his liquid love into the air with it raining passion down on his body.

I laid beside him while he continued to shake, shiver and move in excitement. I had no idea an anal plug combined with a pocket pal could produce such and intense sensation.


The COLT Big Boy is made for men that are looking for a stretch. It’s diamond design allows for insertion and a gradual opening of the body before fitting firmly into place. The material is firm but is pliable giving the user comfort while wearing. The COLT Big Boy does take lubricant very well. I suggest using  Tiger Lubricant This is a function of the silicone that is used in the design. The flared base of the anal plug will keep it inside you. There is no worry about it going to far. The design reaches your most sensitive areas to provide sustained arousal.


The COLT Big Boy anal plug is just that. This is not a toy for men who are new to anal play. If you are not an experienced bottom, this toy could provide a challenge to insert. Calexotics does have other high quality butt plugs that will prepare you for the intense sensation the COLT Big Boy delivers. Usage and lubricant instructions should be placed in the package. Most store clerks are not sexperts and know little about anal sex. Providing a resource would increase customer satisfaction. I would also suggest Calexotics place the Club Calexotics Social Network address on the package. This site gives the user a community of others who are looking to have better sex.

The Decision

When you want an experienced anal sensation, look no further than the COLT Big Boy butt plug. This device will give you the stretch you are looking for while ensuring that it will stay in place. It holds sex lubricant very well which will increase the amount of time you can keep it inside your body. It is sturdy yet pliable. The toy isn’t made for newbies. There are other Calexotic butt plugs that will get you started. For those that need something new, erotic and naughty, look no further than the COLT Big Boy Butt Plug. It will deliver sustained sensations throughout your erotic play time.

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