Cocolicious Back End Play Butt Plug Review

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Porn stars have been the face of sex toys for a very long time. It’s a match made in erotica. For years it was assumed that if you had that much sex on camera then you would know what toy could make it better. Welcome to the Reality Era where everyone is having great sex. Coco is a reality star and model that is doing just that. She is the wife of Hip Hop Legend and Law and Order Star Ice T. Her sexual empowerment is an inspiration to women and men. The desire to share the gift of better sex with the world must have been the inspiration behind her new Cocolicious toy line that is presented by Calexotics. I admit, I thought she was just another reality star looking to cash in on the industry but after learning about her input in the design made me take a closer look. Getting her Back End Play in the mail was a challenge from the Diva herself. I never back down. Ms. Coco and I had a meeting in the Bedroom, we would be back real soon.

The Product

The Cocolicious Back End Play comes in a illuminating gold box. There is a picture of Coco in a seductive pose and the product displayed on the front with the words ‘ Honey it’s all about the booty !” , ‘ Cocolicious Back End Play ‘ and the Calexotics Logo. The back of the package has ‘ Luxurious body safe silicone ‘, ‘ Pliable and durable ‘ , ‘ Perfectly Sized ‘, ‘ Satin finish and virtually seamless ‘ and ‘ Body safe, unscented, phthalate-free ‘ in five languages. This size of the box has a picture of the product, its name and dimensions. The Back End Play is 4.25 inches x 1.5 inches. There is a QR code on the side where one can scan for more information. The other side of the box has the Calexotics website and legal information. The Cocolicious Back End Play is sturdy yet soft. It has a medium hardness with a wave design that is more bulbous at the tip and end. The bottom of the Back End Play has a flared suction cup bottom.

How it Works

To use, the Back End Play, wash the toy with warm water and soft soap. Once dry, apply a premium water based lubricant. I used JUS Premium Pure Water Lubricant for this review. Place an ample amount on the toy and a generous amount to your anal canal. Newbies would benefit from a Lube Launcher which would help get the sex lube further up the anal canal making insertion much easier. After the Back End Play is inserted, you can enjoy the sensation, masturbate , enjoy vaginal/oral intercourse or foreplay. The toy is easy to clean after using the method described prior.

My Experience

I was a bit skeptical when I heard the news of the Cocolicious sex toy line. I mean reality stars entering my world isn’t my idea of great news but since I loved Ice T, Ms. Coco was getting a fair shot. A woman that was having great sex with that mature piece of sexual vanilla had to have some tricks up her sleeve. I am the first to admit, I have always been attracted to Ice T. Willing to take the challenge, I called my trusty buddy and told him we were in for a threesome with Ms. Coco.

Eric was in awe of the package as soon as he saw it. Something about the gold box seemed to give him a higher expectation of the Back End Play. I knew it would not take long for us. Anal toys made him hotter than July. The thought of an anal orgasm could make him drive 100 miles. Upon inspecting the product, the Back End Play was soft to the touch but hard. It had a durable touch with a satin finish which contained nice detailing. Knowing my buddy came over lubed, it was time for us to get this show on the road. We didn’t need a camera crew. This reality show was being shot on location. Would Eric Love Coco ?

I quickly opened a bottle of my Premium Pure Water Lubricant JUS. I applied a generous amount to the Back End Play. As I slow stroked the anal plug, the bulbous design definitely was made to give the prostate a workout. This was a welcome surprise from many of the anal plugs on the market. But we weren’t looking to admire it like we were at a museum, the camera was rolling.

Eric took a deep breath and closed his eyes. I slowly teased his warm anus with the Back End Play. His body clenched its aproval. I made circular motions to prepare him for the head that was about to penetrate his tight booty. Without warning, I pushed with force sending shockwaves through his muscular body. His eyes traveled to the inner depths of his head while the head of the Back End Play claimed its oasis, his prostate. This experience would be the best episode ever. I rotated the toy in a clock wise motion while moving it back and forth in him. With his face covered, shrills of pleasure began to erupt. There were twenty minutes left and the viewers were going to get a show.

I removed the Back End Play and his hole released a popping sound. We were going to see how powerful the suction was. I stuck the Back End Play on the Coffee Table. Eric sat on the table in the cowboy position, began to stimulate his nipples while welcoming me with oral love. The thrill was getting to him. He starting to bounce up and down like a cowboy at the PBR. I could have sworn the Back End Play was a dildo. I became so engrossed in the show that I sat on the sofa across from him while the toy did the job.

We were less than 60 seconds from the closing credits and the director was giving us the sign to wrap things up. We didn’t need any cues. Without warning, Eric erupted in seismic porportions. His hands were holding onto the table while he created an earthquake in my living room. His lava fell on my chest sending me into an intense orgasm. The show ended with him leaning on his knees with the Back End Play in him and me with eyes closed in ecstasy. I think its safe to say that Eric love Coco as much as Ice T does.


The Cocolicious Back End Play packs an erotic punch. The design of this unique anal plug will please a man’s prostate providing a very intense orgasm. The shape gives you a full feeling while keeping you stimulated during sex. The satin finish works well with lubricant. I didn’t need to keep reapplying because it stayed in place. The flared based gave a new dimension of fun. It stuck to my laptop, coffee table and shower wall. For those looking for adventure, you will not have a shortage of places to use the Back End Play. Newbies will not have to worry about the toy getting stuck inside them. The base is large enough to easily remove. The material used in this product will last for years. The Cocolicious Back End Play is small enough for an intermediate in anal play while giving the advanced user enough pleasure if they need a product for travel. I love the fact that Calexotics provided instructions in the box. This allows the user not to be subjected to retail clerks that know very little about sex toys.


The Back End Play isn’t for someone that is green to anal play. While compact, the bulbous design could pose a challenge to a newbie. I would suggest the Dr. Joel Kaplan Prostate Locator. Once you have had practice, then Coco is waiting to give you the fuck of your life. I do feel that this product would benefit from a sample of Calexotics Universal Lube in the box. This would demonstrate the optimal experience of using this product. I would suggest that Calexotics place the logos ‘ Use with Water Based Lubricant ‘ and ‘ Instructions Included ‘ on the side of the box with the picture. You can never assume customers know how to use a product.

The Decision

The Cocolicious Back End Play gives a great anal sensation. This anal plug has the qualities of a prostate massager built in its attractive design. It’s like having two toys in one. The product takes lubricant well, is compact and is optimal for travel. With instructions inside the box, the customer will not have to worry about injuring themselves. Although this product isn’t reccomended for a newbie, a man that has played in the back door needs to get his hands on this product. It can be used to add Impact to steamy bedroom play. You will need to use a water based lubricant and proceed slowly with insertion. The toy is made to last for years and is very easy to clean. For a man that loves a butt plug that can go the distance, the Cocolicious Back End Play is what you have been waiting for. Increase your value by getting the Colt Gear Travel Shower Shot to have the ultimate anal play experience.

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