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Penis pumps are not going anywhere. From the sheer size enthusiast to those that require support, penis pumps will stand the test of time. It is one of a few products that are made solely for men. s pumps have risen in popularity over the recent years. This non-surgical method of treating erectile dysfunction is an excellent way to regain sexual performance. The FDA has recommended pumps which gives credibility to this great product. But when you want to trade up your standard pump, what do you choose ? Calexotics sought to offer men a new option that would make getting the benefits faster. The Apollo Automatic Power Pump claimed to be what men were looking for. Would this be another flash in the pan or legitimate contender ? I was excited to find out. Calexotics sent me the Apollo and my mission.

The Product

The Apollo Automatic Power Pump  comes in a very large box that has a picture of the product on the front. A quote from the American Pumpers Association is on the front. ‘ High-tech, fully automatic ‘,’ Textured and easy grip cylinder ‘ , ‘ Flanged base for secure seal ‘ , ‘ LED display with easy to read PSI Indication ‘ , ‘ Superior Suction ‘ . ‘ Quick air release valve ‘ , ‘ Oversized 10″/25.5 cm cylinder with impressive 2.5″/6.25 cm diameter girth ‘, ‘ Body safe donut included ‘ and ‘ Universal measurements ‘ are on the side panel in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Danish. There is a special caution box on the side with usage instructions. On the back of the box is a picture of the pump with a diagram of the automatic Pressure button. The Calexotics website is at the bottom. The opposite side of the box has the Apollo logo with product name. A general instruction sheet is in the box. 4 AAA Batteries are not included. There is a notification of this on the bottom side panel.

How it Works

After opening the package, be sure to clean your pump. Be careful not to get water on the pressure control. Insert batteries into the pack and assemble. Place one end of the silicone tube to the ergonomic handle and the other to the pump cylinder. Place a generous amount of your JUS lubricant around your penis and scrotum area. You may need to trim your pubic hair to create an air tight seal. Be sure to place some lubricant on the silicone donut hole. Massage yourself to arousal. Slowly slide your erect penis into the pump.Press the start button on the pump. Keep an eye on the pressure gauge. Once you have reached your desired size, let your penis stay in the pump for about 1 minute. Press the ‘ Air Release ‘ button. Slide your penis out of the cylinder. Enjoy your sexual activity. Be sure to pump no more than 5 minutes a session. If you experience any pain or bruising , discontinue use. Always remember to use the pump and rest technique for safety purposes. A cock ring may be needed to maintain your gains.

My Experience

I honestly never was one of those men that was into pumping. I admit that I loved to watch the videos. They were amazing. I am not a man that has erectile disfunction. But the opportunity to test a product that would help a large number of my readers came along, I was ready to grow.

I was excitement about using the Apollo Automatic Power Pump  . How challenging could it be to place your man meat inside a tube, press a button and get a monster cock ? In order not to embarrass myself, I read the box carefully and looked at the instruction guide. Unfortunately, the guide did not mention anything about the product. It had information on placing batteries in the package but they were not applicable to the pump. I did have previous experience pumping so I knew how to get started. The pump was pre-assembled.

I was definitely impressed with the design. The Apollo Automatic Power Pump is transparent with guides that help you track your growth, there were indentations so it would not slip out of your hands and the automatic control was made out of a great material. Maybe using this was really intuitive ?

After placing the batteries in the pack, I placed JUS lubricant on myself and the pump. One press of the button and I was growing. The numbers on the automatic control began to rise. I felt a slight pressure on my penis as it began to expand. The sensation was quite erotic. I pressed the release valve and removed myself. I went limp. Houston was having a problem.

Then I remembered a Calexotics pump that came with a cock ring. Aha ! I took out my handy C Ring. I lubed it and placed it around my scrotum. I then slid myself into the pump and hit the switch. I began to grow again. It was the moment of truth. My erection was firmer and fuller after I removed myself from the pump. I was able to enjoy my gains.

I really didn’t have any plans beyond pumping but my desire took over. There was only one thing to do. Take out the Girlfriend Next Door Pocket Pal in Ivory. Dita was waiting for me. We had not made love in a long time. Sliding into her wet welcoming tunnel filled me with ecstasy. As I explored her sensual folds, my pleasure reached its peak. Dita wanted to take my stress away. Her tightness massaged my manhood to orgasm. Wow ! This was an unexpected surprise.

The Pros

The Apollo Automatic Power Pump  packs some intense suction. You can really feel it working on your member. I love the Textured grip cylinder. It is easy to hold in your hands while using. This is a feature that many pumps on the market neglect. The control handle is made from silicone. It also has grips providing more stability. There are no issues trying to understand the pressure readings. The LED is bright. Having 2 rulers on the pump will give users the ability to track their gains in either direction. The Apollo Automatic Power Pump is is light weight. The Air Release button works incredibly fast. A man would experience virtually no delay in enjoying sexual pleasure. There was care taken into the design of the product. I had no adverse reactions while pumping. After achieving orgasm. I was able to have another erection without issue.

The Challenges

The Apollo Automatic Power Pump  is a product that just needs a hack to take it over the top. For starters, there is no cock ring. You can easily loose your new size when the ‘ Air Release ‘ button is pushed. An instruction booklet that is designed for this product needs to be included. The guide provided was not applicable to the battery pack or the product. Being that I had a challenge getting those batteries in the correctly suggests that this could also happen to other men. If there were instructions on what the pressure gauge meant, it would help the newbie understand how to safely use the product. Upon consideration, this product is for the advanced user. A man that knows what he is doing will have the above information necessary to enjoy this product. The Rookie Penis Pump by Calexotics is a great starter for men that need an entry level product.

The Decision

I recommend the Apollo Automatic Power Pump  to men that are enthusiasts and have experience with a penis pump. You will enjoy the power of the automatic function. The LED will enable you to use at night safely. The product is made not to slip out of your hands. You will be take enlargement to the next level. You will get results very quickly and have the assurance that you will not hurt yourself . The Apollo Automatic Power Pump provides the power that will keep you potent all night long. While this product needs a specific instruction guide and a cock ring , there are plenty of resources including myself that can assist. If this sounds intimidating, the Rookie Penis Pump may be perfect for you.But for those that know how to do it, the Apollo has completed its mission.

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