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About Dickz Life

meThe Adult industry wasn’t my first choice as a career. I graduated college in Biotechnology but spending my days in a lab by myself soon became dull. I found myself looking for something else. I didn’t know what that was.

I had always been a sexual person but my size at the time prevented me from experiencing the sexual underground that many gay men were enjoying. It was rough watching men get invitations to the Blatino Parties and knowing that I was too large to get past the door.

Watching Monique on television gave me the idea to start a party for Thick Men. Contemplating that first party still fills me with nervousness. I had no idea who would show up to a suite that I had spent a significant portion of my income on. Someone was looking out for me because the room was filled with the most friendly men that I had met since I decided to live my life. We laughed, talked and fucked the night away. The DIESEL event opened the door that would create Anacondaz Private Lifestyle Club and the Dallas Jacks. It still amazes me how many people supported me.

Becoming a Sex Toy Consultant kind of just happened. I assumed that sex toys were for women. It wasn’t until I watched a video of the Fleshlight that my understanding changed. My sister became a consultant for a party plan business that specialized in adult novelties. In a few months, she was making thousands of dollars. I wanted to follow in her steps. But none of the companies catered to men. Almost every organization was dominated by women. Slightly disappointed, I focused on making Anacondaz the best experience an urban man could have. The desire to sell adult novelties burned a whole in my brain.

A spam message to my yahoo group changed the course of my life. The person sendng it was an affiliate marketer selling adult novelties over the internet. I had no idea you could do that. I quickly researched the company and ordered the Mr. Marcus Personal Fluffer. I wanted to find out if the company lived up to its promise. I wouldn’t represent a company whose products I would not use. Not only did the toy arrive discreetly within a few days, I had the most intense orgasm in my life.

I signed up to become an affiliate of the company and didn’t succeed. At the time, there was no training offered that demonstrated how to make money with the opportunity. I was depressed. But there was a part of me that would not give up. I knew that I understood the needs of urban gay men. I wanted to give them the best tools that would make sex amazing. A friend of mine rocked my world when he suggested that I focus on creating sex tips and lifestyle information for urban men.

I did just that and quickly developed friendships with men across the world.  I began to make money with product suggestions. It was my desire to provide the best value possible and I felt that I accomplished this goal.

I created DICK’Z Magazine  for men that were fascinated with sex, urban culture and toys. The magazine was a way that urban men who read the website could take the message with them. I was later approached by California Exotic Novelties and asked to become a Sexpert. This unique opportunity afforded me the ability to review toys and give my honest opinion. In January of 2013, DickzToyz.com was nominated for an Xbiz Award.  It is the highest honor in the pleasure industry. I take no credit but give it to every man that has supported me.

And it is my pledge to support you in ‘ Having the Best Sex of Your Life ‘ . This is the reason for Dick’z Life. I want to combine sexual wellness, entertainment and media in a way that is not possible on DickzToyz.com. I invite you to read the articles, comment and contribute to this emerging community of urban men.

Why Should You Read this Blog ?

For entertainment and erotic education. Dickz Life is a space where I share my sexual experiences, reviews of products and toy tips. This blog wouldn’t be complete without something to stroke to. There will be sexy pictures, hot videos and links to some of my favorite places on the web to get off. And for those that have been asking, I will be making a few videos to demonstrate how I play with my toys.

You will want to cum back for more !

I will update this site at least 3 times per week. More if I run across some hot and sexy content that I know you want to see. And I encourage you to join the fun by posting responses, sharing my posts and letting me know exactly what you feel about anything that I write. This adventure isn’t a solo mission. It’s all about us. And I do expect you to come to one of my events or workshops.

And when the time for sex comes, I would be honored if you used my premium lubricant JUS .

Dick Ross